Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lament. By: Jack Wallen

In the story of Lament, we have proof that the film Surrogates and American Politics had a baby.  Jack Wallen has sired an unbelievable tale that shows that corruption is a disease.  He helps us see that when those in power are out to widen their pocket books, we the people pay the price.  Wallen has shown me the world of Cyber-Punk, and now I don't want to leave.

My Synopsis:
What happens when big companies take power?  The little people pay the price.  Addictions to data run rampant.  With everything and everyone connected to the streams of cyber ectasy, most people have become sheep lead to the slaughter.  MOST.  But there are the select few that see the corruption, and want to "stick it to the man."  To do that they send their best hacker into the most dangerous place on earth.  THE LAMENT

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Kings: Book 1. Kings or Pawns. By J.J. Sherwood

In a world where we have placed Elves on a pedestal, J. J. Sherwood has pulled that pedestal from under the elves feet.  She [Sherwood] has brought us the same mysticism that has always been accompanied by such tales; but has also shown us the one thing that even the Elves have tried to deny... Their Humanity.  With the struggles of racism, corruption of power,  and the tensing of friendships, this story, although using humans as almost an after thought, is relatable to our own world.  J. J. Sherwoods first book is beyond good.  It is magical.

My Synopsis:
Welcome to Elvorium.  Where the sun shines bright, the Elves are fair, and Corruption runs thick as tar.  The Council has their fingers in every pie that can be made to profit as well as in the face of the newly crowned king.  King Hairem is determined to put an end to this corruption and do what is best for his people.  But being so young and full of spunk may not be enough. 

Out in the wilds of the land, far from the politics, Jikun fights a long and tiresome war against a Rebellion.  As General of the Royal Army of Elvorium he smiles and waves to the Councils face; but then curses the selfish snakes for what they really are.  Can he stomach the politics and win the war or will he lose the one friend he has left?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hand of God. By: Tony Acree

Bullets, swords, and the battle for souls.  Tony Acree has it all in his first novel following the story of Victor Mccain.  He [Acree] doesn't just tell the story, he makes you believe it could be reality, as he takes us on a journey through Louisville, Kentucky.  Also covering some of the age old questions surrounding if there is a limit to how much God forgives.  He has pulled out all the stops and has done Victor Mccain, as well as Louisville, proud.

My Synopsis:
Victor Mccain is having one Hell of a day.  Literally.  As a Bounty Hunter life is never easy but when he is tossed into the war between Heaven and Hell, he is royally screwed.  With mad men serving the Prince of Darkness and a one man army of Light, he didn't think matters get any worse.  But that was before he met HER.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Girl In Pieces. By: Kathleen Glasgow

This is a much needed story for this day and age.  Glasgow has brought light into the darkness, that is the unknown with this emotional story.  This covers, in great detail, what it looks like to be trapped in your skin and not know how to get the pain out.  She shows us the darkest places in our minds and how all it takes is a select individual to save our lives.

My Synopsis:
At eighteen Charlotte has lost evrything, friends, family, and herself.  Although she can forget the loss, she learns that everything has a price.  She learns that soon she may even loose what little bit of herself she barely clings to.
But even in the darkness she sees a light.  A boy who makes her feel like this life is worth more than pain.  A therapist that, despite all the crazy things she has done, chooses to not give up.  Maybe she will learn what it means to be free.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Goblin Wars Book 1: Siege of Talonrend. By: Stuart Thaman

The first book of his Goblin series is Stuart Thaman's thumb print on the world of fantasy and for me it is a thumbs up.  With unorthodox style, Thaman is a true artist. Fast paced and with characters that may not have the depth, that we are used to in this genre, yet he is still able to deal out a real page turner. So if you want an original story with goblins in a light we never see them, then pick up Thaman.
My Synopsis:
Goblins. Those vile, dirty, and dumb little humanoids that all the world despises.  The race of man thought they knew all there was to these vermin.  Well the realm of Talonrend is about to get a rude awakening.
A Paladin is searching for glory and purpose.  So when he is tasked with a mission of such importance that a kings life hangs in the balance, he jumps at the chance. But not all things are what they seem.  For not only a King but the Kingdom and all in it may not live long. Yet, there is a chance that he may save his land or lose his soul before he gets the chance.

The Brass Giant. By: Brooke Johnson

Brooke Johnson's world of steampunk fantasy is amazing.  Her characters are real, with emotions and dreams that many can relate to.  Johnson is a true master engineer of her craft. The gears in my own mind are still grinding with excitement for more in Chroniker City.
My Synopsis:
Petra Wade is in a world that tells her she will never fulfill her dreams of being an engineer. "This is a mans world" they say.
But, when she meets a young man who sees her true talent, and gift, with clockwork he begs her to join him. Together they embark on an undertaking that will not only change their lives, but humanities.